Katia Pesti, a piano musician from Messina, studied piano at the Chigiana Academy held by Master Guido Agosti. Later she became passionate about the percussion instrument with Master Cristian Hamouy (director of the percussionists of Strasbourg) and, at the same time, she attended the seminars of contemporary music of the Master Ben Omar in Bologna.
At the Musical Institute Vincenzo Bellini in Catania she studied electronic music with Master Cipriani. In the 90s she began her activity as a composer.
In Indonesia she met the Balinese gamelan and was passionate about Asian music. The result of this path led her to design a compositional system in which elements of the classical language blend with the timbres of elements of the Balinese orchestra which she simultaneously plays the piano during concerts.
She was a finalist in the F.Liszt competition for composer-pianists in August 2012 (Bellagio and Lake Como festival in collaboration with the contemporary music center of Milan, Rockefeller Foundation, Bellagio). In 2013 she presented her compositions at the “Teatro del Verme” in Milan for the “new record collection of the XXI century”.

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