Born in Villach, Austria, Julia Malischnig studied classical guitar at the University of Music in Vienna by the renowned artist Konrad Ragossnig and rounded up her studies by masters like Oscar Ghiglia at the Music‐Academy in Basel,  Frank Bungarten,  Pepe Romero,  Alexander Swete and others.  Graduating with distinction, a success recognized by the Austrian Ministry of Education and the Arts with an award in 2003, and she has been given other awards since. In 2005 she recorded her first CD Joy in Havana. Regular concert appearances throughout Europe and in countries such as South Africa, Cuba, Argentina, and Korea ensued, and new strands were added to her playing, expanding her artistic focus. As a second instrument her voice and vocal performance became ever more important and her first compositions emerged. Another important element has been her work with other renowned musicians as well as with artists from other genres, from theatre, literature and contemporary dance. Since 2015 Julia Malischnig is responsible as both artist and master mind of the guitar highlight “Una Noche de Guitarra” at the highly acknowledged and renowned ” Tiroler Festspiele Erl”. Being head of the compartment for plucked strings in the upper Austrian music school system, she is also the conductor of Las Guitarras – the guitar orchestra of the upper Austrian music schools. Julia Malischnig’s brand new album Kiss of Life – inspired by her concert tours through Southafrica, Georgia, Aserbaidschan, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Kiew but also by her Carinthian roots – shows Julia’s most touching and engaging compositions. Her poetic pieces, covering a wide range between classic, wolrdmusic and jazzharmonic, are full of spirit and virtuousity. In a very fascinating way, Kiss of Life combines emotion with virtuousity. The album shows a musician who does not swim with the tide but goes her willful and unique way without hesitating to cross borders. Julia Malischnig is a guitarist with voice ‐ an artist following her very own way.

“My music is based on the magic of the moment, emotional impressions, encounters and dreams. I am just following my intuition …” (Julia Malischnig)