Domenico Calia was born in 1985 and began studying the clarinet at a very early age. He graduated in 2003 from the Music Conservatory “V. Bellini” in Caltanisetta, studying under M° Vittorio Luna, at the tender age of eighteen, he approached the world of professional music, performing the Gran Partita by Mozart at the Abruzzo Symphony Institute. Versatile performer, boasting a large repertoire ranging from classical music to modern-contemporary, His performance shows different techniques: suono ombra (shadow sound), suono rotto (broken sound), suono tenuto (kept sound), suoni multipli (multiple sounds). He has inspired many musicians and he is deeply respected by a number of different contemporary composers. He had the honour of receiving a special mention in “Eloquio”, a very challenging composition, written for him by Crescenzo Langella in 2015 and also the musician Giuseppe Gioffrè wrote the piece entitled “Musing and Passion” for him. He has been accepted into some famous orchestras like La Scala in Milan and many others and he has been honoured to perform with great conductors like Donato Renzetti, Daniel Agiman, Rafail Pylarinos, etc… He has been declared winner of a number of competitions. He carries out an intense concert schedule, as well as being the professor of a number of Masters courses. Domenico Calia is an official Pomarico artist and he uses their famous crystal mouthpiece for clarinets.