Giancarlo Parisi, born in Messina, graduated in flute, saxophonist, multi-instrumentalist, he devoted himself to the study of flutes and woodwinds with a simple reed and began his activities as an author and performer of music for theater.
In the 90s he collaborated in the studio and concert with the most important singer-songwriters of the Italian scene including Fabrizio De Andrè, Mia Martini, PFM and Eugenio Finardi.
With several original projects (including the group Asteriskos) of which he was the author of all the songs) he has participated in numerous international festivals of folk and world music.
He has participated in the realization of several editions of “La Notte della Taranta” collaborating, among the others, with Stewart Copland, Vittorio Cosma and Giovanni Sollima.
He is considered one of the most representative performer of the Sicilian bagpipes, called “Zampogna a paro”, and he has created and patented a model of bagpipes “Chromatic” as development of the traditional “diatonic” which allows this instrument musical languages and possibilities so far inaccessible and unimaginable.
He composed and performed the “Concert n. 1” for bagpipes “Zampogna a paro cromatica” and orchestra.
Together with “Ramponi and Cazzani”, an Italian woodwinds maker, he has conceived the resumption of the production of “SAXELLO”.
In June 2014 he conceived, created and patented a new bitimbral headjoint for flute called “zi-flute by Parisi” produced and marketed by Briccialdi flute.