Since the first audio recording made in 1860 by Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville, the recording was one of the essential human activities. Can you imagine your life without your favorite songs with you or a life without sound? Behind all CDs that enhances our life, there an the sound engineer. 
Very often we receive messages asking recording support or sound engineer advice. From May 2018, Da Vinci Publishing provides a high-level record service thanks to the partnership with the wonderful location of Morsasco Castle (Italy) and Massimo Marchese, artistic director of the DV Studio project. Main reference for Da Vinci recording projects.

A few kilometers from Acqui Terme, Morsasco castle, rises majestically from the houses of the ancient ricetto (fortified refuge) accessed through an old gate, cut into the base of the bell tower still showing traces of a drawbridge. The castle, mentioned in records from the 13th century, has passed through the hands of the Del Bosco, Malaspina, Lodron, Gonzaga, Centurione Scotto and Pallavicino families.

The recording space is set in the breathtaking Four Seasons Hall [Sala dell’Aurora o delle Quattro Stagioni] (see picture), already used for events and concerts with frescos of the 18th Century and a natural sound perfect for classical and jazz recordings.


CONTRACT SAMPLE: Italian Version

6 Microphones: 2 AKG C451, 2 AKG P170, 2 JOEMEEK JM37
Key Technical Features: Macbook Pro, Tascam US 18×08, Portable Multichannel Recorder DR-680 Mk II
Software: Logic Pro X, WaveLab
Plug-Ins: Waves


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