Open Reel Records

Artistic Director: Marco Taio

Sala Giardino – CREMA (CR)

The structure has been created in a historic farmhouse dating back to the end of 1600, among the most prestigious and best preserved in the area, located in the immediate vicinity of the city of Crema. It is a typical example of a Lombard farmhouse with a closed courtyard, formed by an eighteenth-century manor house, and by adjacent rustic buildings.
The entire building has been the subject of careful historical philological restoration with preservation of all the original features, recovery of old terracotta floors, restoration of vaulted and wooden ceilings, reconstruction faithful to the original of the most worn parts using traditional materials (bricks) full, natural wood, hydraulic lime for plasters, without adding cement).
The recording room, the control room and the annexed service rooms are located in the western part of the complex, exploiting the spaces of the ancient “barchessa” originally used as barns and warehouses. The main hall has an irregular rectangular shape, with protruding pillars and niches. Important works have been carried out to obtain an excellent sound insulation from external noise. The efficiency of soundproofing makes it possible to record in full day instruments such as guitar, lute and harpsichord.
The original wall structure was completed with the addition of a completely independent internal counter-walling and the formation of an interspace with interposed rock wool panel (thickness 10 cm). The internal walls are finished with plaster based on natural hydraulic lime and painted with lime paint. The flooring was made with the use of old salvaged bricks, treated, not polished. The heating system is on the floor, completely silent.
These constructive characteristics and the use of traditional materials as regards floors, plaster and roofing, favor a slightly re-verberating natural acoustic response.
The gabled roof is made of wood (fir) with round beams and 4 supporting trusses, lined with fir boards. The cover section has various layers (for improved thermal and acoustic insulation, as shown in Annex 2): plasterboard (25mm), rock wool (100mm), plasterboard (25mm), rock wool (50mm), polystyrene (80mm), mantle in old tiles.
The control room has the same construction features as the recording room (counter-walls, flat wood ceiling with beams, terra-cotta floor, underfloor heating).
An audio and video connection (with internal video camera) has been made between the recording room and the control room. Various connection and control room connecting ducts have been prepared for the passage of microphone cables.
The recording room has a height at the sides of m. 4.20 and in the middle of m. 6.20, a length of 17.20 m, a width of 8.79 m at one end and m 7 at the other end.
The natural acoustics are slightly reverberating, modifiable with the use of mobile panels mounted on wheels (vintage doors, covered on one side, with a sound-absorbent cloth, the other side in antique wood panels).
In the recording studio there is:

– a 2-keyboard organ and a 27-note pedal board.
The instrument, built with phonic material of an ancient organ, has the second keyboard (Grand’organo) of 2 main 8, filled with separate rows up to XXIX, Flute in XII, Flute in XV Soprani, Cornetto Soprani, Viola Bassi, Voce Human, Bassoon Bass, Sopranos Trumpets, Octave Flute, Bass Borbone 8, Soprani Bordone 8; at the first keyboard (Positive) bordone 8, Flute 4, XV, Cello 8; Pedal Contrabasso 16, Basso 8 and trombones 8.
Unequal temperament. Chorus: 442 Hz
– Flemish harpsichord inspired by J.Ruckers
– spinet

The recording studio is located on the ground floor, with direct access from the courtyard, so it is particularly easy to place instruments such as grand pianos and harpsichords.

Marco Taio

Italian guitarist , grown up under some of the best mentors such as Mauro Storti, J. Williams, A. Ponce and A. Diaz, is a virtuoso and sought-after soloist on the International scene. His engagements have brought him to various venues all over the world.
As a professional Sound Designer he has realized more than 300 recordings over the last twenty-eight years, many of which have been released by some of the major recording labels including Sony BMG, DECCA, DG, Sarx, Ducale, Symposium, Antes Concerto, Tactus, Arts Recording and Delos.
In Italy Mr. Taio has also directed the sound design of some national broadcasting tv productions and of Sky Classica Channel.
Internationally his Suond Designer career has made him work beside world reknown artists such as S. Mintz, Y. Bashmet, N. Znaider, A. Toradze, C. Tezlaff, E. Dindo, M. Brunello, S.Accardo, G. Carmignola, M. Rizzi, L. Harrel,Y. Bronfman, V. Repin, V. Gergiev, G. Noseda, Penderecki, P. Järvi, Charles Dutoit, P. Bellugi, D. Gatti and P. Morandi and many others
Also many prestigious orchestras have decided to have their recordings sound designed by Mr. Taio’s: Symphonic National Or-chestra Nazionale RAI Turin, Accademia di S. Cecilia National Orchestra, Bavarian Radio Symphonic Orchestra, Symphonic Or-chestra F. Liszt of Budapest, Prague Chamber Orchestra, Accademia Bizantina, European Sinfonietta, Chamber Orchestra I Pomeriggi Musicali of Milan, Virtuosi del teatro alla Scala and Orchestra del Teatro alla Scala, Mariinsky Theatre Orchestra, Phil-harmonia Orchestra.
Beside his musical and recording activities, Mr. Taio was a professor at Pavia Univesity, teaching “Technologies of musical pro-duction and reproductions”.
In 2012 he founded, with two partners, the Hemiolia record company, which deals with the distribution of high quality audio recordings on Reel to Reel tapes.
In 2014 he founded his own label Open Reel Records, after leaving the previous company.

Presentation Open Reel Records