The Da Vinci’s headquarters have been based in Osaka, Japan since 2015. The firm was founded as a publishing branch of the Osaka Mozart Association, developing quickly its distinctive profile.

It reveals since it’s starting the rare attribute of being equally committed to works from the entertainment-music branch and to those from the serious music sector, all marked with a characteristic green logo.

The publishing house main activity is the furtherance of classical, jazz and contemporary music. In these areas the spectrum ranges from chamber music, orchestral music and stage works to film music. Important composers such as Chris Jarret, Biagio Putignano, Harue Kunieda, Raffaele Bellafronte and Daniele Venturi entrusted some of their works to Da Vinci as do many other authors from around the world, emphasising the publishing house international orientation, as well as emegent authors are represented with some of their compositions worldwide. In the catalogues one therefore encounters also top composers like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludgwig van Beethoven, Muzio Clementi and Francesco Cilea with rarely or unheard works.

Another aspect of the publishing programme is the area of music for orchestra of young musicians. Above all, the original elaborations by Ester Alessandrini and Virginio Aiello by famous compositions by Verdi, Dvorak and from renaissance music.

Scores from da Vinci’s catalogue are to be found at the largest music archives of the world thanks to its peculiar distribution.

A specialist magazine is published in English named “Musicians & Composers”.

The artistic director is the president of Osaka Mozart Association Edmondo Filippini.