Giuseppe Chiaramonte stands out in the international classical guitar scene for his exceptionally warm and full bodied tone, a quality which along with the emotional intensity and expressive quality of his interpretations, has lead the organizers of his recent European concerts to regard him as the “Poet of the Guitar”. Born in 1985, he made his concert debut at the age of 15. Since that time he has conducted an intense concert schedule which has brought him to perform in prestigious venues across Austria (Vienna), Germany (Berlin, Schweinfurt, Vaihingen an der Enz), Switzerland (Zürich), Spain (Madrid, León), Italy (Milan, Venice, Bologna, and many other cities), consistently achieving a remarkably favourable response both from the public and from the critics. He performed the inedited “Bosco Sacro”, for solo guitar and orchestra, by Federico Biscione in 2015 in Milan (Chiesa dell’Assunta in Vigentino). He has also performed various concerts live on radio programmes dedicated to him.  He has been the winner of National and International Guitar Competitions and a growing number of contemporary composers have dedicated solo guitar music to him, which he has premiered during his concerts: “Sarabanda e Giga” (F. Biscione), “Variazioni notturne” (P. Coggiola), “Bacalabra” (F.D. Stumpo). He completed his classical guitar studies with Angelo Capistrano, and further perfected his skills with Pavel Steidl, Giovanni Puddu, Emanuele Segre, Zoran Dukic, Stefano Grondona, Andrea Dieci and, at the International Accademy of Music in Milan, with Aldo Minella, who wrote about him: “Giuseppe Chiaramonte is a refined musician, who combines his innate and highly developed musical sensibility with an impeccable and in many respects innovative technique, in particular with regards to tone production. It is truly a pleasure to listen to him.”