Rossini, Gioacchino: 5 Duets, for 2 Tubas (1806)


  • Composer: Angelo Piazzini, Gioacchino Rossini
  • Edition: Da Vinci Edition
  • Format: A4 - Paperback
  • Genre: Chamber
  • Instrumentation: Tuba
  • Pages: 12
  • Period: Romantic
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Angelo Piazzini is an Italian performer, teacher and composer. He was born in Palazzuolo sul Senio (FI), a small village in the heart of the Tuscan–Romagnol Apennines. It was there that he attended an introductory music course with the “G.Savoi” Band, and learned the rudiments of music. He undertook a Master’s Degree in Trombone, specialising in Contrabass Tuba, at the “G. Lettimi” Institute of Higher Education in Art and Music, Rimini, with Prof. Marco Bellini. After graduating, he attended numerous Masters and Advanced Courses, including: Milan Music Masterschool with Prof. Daniele Morandini (1st Trombone soloist in the Scala Philharmonic Orchestra); L. Boccherini Advanced Institute of Art and Music, Lucca, with Prof. Riccardo Tarlini (Tuba player in the Tuscan Regional Orchestra); Italian Flute Academy (AIF) with Prof. Matteo Caramaschi (1st Euphonium soloist in the National Band of the State Police). As tuba soloist he has achieved success in major National and International Competitions: Best Brass Instrumentalist in the 1st “L’Estro Armonico” International Music Competition, Ladispoli (Rome), 2009; First Prize in the 18th Daniele Ridolfi Versilian Riviera National Competition, June 2009; Third Prize in the 9th Etruscan Riviera National Competition for Young Musicians, Piombino, April 2008; Third Prize in the 24th Daniele Ridolfi Versilian Riviera National Competition, 21 June 2015; Third Prize in the 12th Etruscan Riviera National Competition for Young Musicians, Piombino, 18 May 2011; As tuba player, he recorded Marco Masini’s new single ‘Italy … and other stories’ in 2009 for Universal Music Italia. As soloist, he regularly plays in tuba-organ/piano duos in churches, basilicas and cathedrals throughout Italy, playing a baroque repertoire by G.P. Telemann, A. Vivaldi, J.S. Bach, P.V. De la Nux and A. Tcherepnin. He has performed multiple times at the Church of St. Maria de’ Ricci (Florence), the Evangelical Lutheran Church (Florence) and the National Church of St. Stefano dei Cavalieri (Pisa), among others. He qualified for selection for Bass Tuba in several orchestras: the “Teatro Goldoni Foundation” in Livorno; the “G.B. Martini” Symphony Orchestra, Bologna; the “Lorenzo Perosi” Symphony Orchestra, Campobasso; the “Luisa d’Annunzio” Symphony Orchestra in Pescara, and the “Licinio Refice” Symphony Orchestra in Frosinone. Under the Public Selection Procedure he was also eligible to become Bass Tuba teacher (CODI/08) at the “N. Paganini” Conservatory, in Genova, the “F. Morlacchi” Conservatory in Perugia and the “G. Verdi” Music Institute, Ragusa. In the field of musical and instrumental teaching he has many years of experience as a tuba teacher and professor in music schools and institutes including the “G. Bonamici” Music School, Pisa (2011-2013); the “S.Strata” Music Academy, Pisa (2013-2014); the “Rodolfo del Corona” Musical Institute, Livorno (2014 -2016); and the “Orfeo” Music School, Pisa (2016-2017). He has also taught numerous Seminars and Masterclasses at Foundations, Associations and Festivals including: the 9th “Sounds of the River” Concert Season Festival, Loro Ciuffenna Auditorium, (Arezzo); “Tuba Signals”, a Seminar/Concert at the 39th International Art Workshop, Montepulciano (Siena); the “S.Strata” Academy of Music, Pisa; the “G. Bonamici” Music School, Pisa; the “Alba Big Fish” Association, Marina di Pisa; the “Rodolfo del Corona” Musical Institute in Livorno and ultimately at the event “StrataMaster” Masterclass July 2017 in Pisa. He is the author of various publications, treatises and didactic methods on his instrument: the Tuba. He has published four treatises, two didactic methods, and numerous revisions of tuba duets for soloists: J.F. Gallay’s Op.38 and Op.41, W.A. Mozart’s 12 Duets for 2 Tubas KV 487, G. Rossini’s 5 Duets for 2 Tubas, and 8 Virtuoso Tuba Duets by G. Punto. These new series of exercises enable the tuba players to rapid experience, step-by-step progression in embouchure and, as a result, obtain increased technical precision and speed, ultimately attaining virtuosity through the two opposing sections of the second book, Advanced Warm Up and Daily Routine for Tuba – Book 2. Together, the four treatises and methods are useful manuals and excellent guides for tuba or brass players, allowing them fast technical improvement in advanced skills. He is regularly invited to perform and deliver informative and educational lectures and talks about his instrument by institutions and cultural organizations. In the 2017/2018 he will hold a Seminar and a Masterclass of Bass Tuba, Chamber Music for Brass and “Brass Ensemble” at the School of Music “Orfeo” in Pisa. From November 2017 he will become a Warburton Artist, he sets up the “A. Piazzini” tuba mouthpiece, a new model, in collaboration with Terry Warburton and the Warburton Music Products.

Gioacchino Rossini: (b Pesaro, 29 Feb 1792; d Passy, 13 Nov 1868). Italian composer. No composer in the first half of the 19th century enjoyed the measure of prestige, wealth, popular acclaim or artistic influence that belonged to Rossini. His contemporaries recognized him as the greatest Italian composer of his time. His achievements cast into oblivion the operatic world of Cimarosa and Paisiello, creating new standards against which other composers were to be judged. That both Bellini and Donizetti carved out personal styles is undeniable; but they worked under Rossini’s shadow, and their artistic personalities emerged in confrontation with his operas. Not until the advent of Verdi was Rossini replaced at the centre of Italian operatic life.