La Flûte Enchantée

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Composer(s): Fürstenau, Kummer, Benedict, Ciardi, Saint-Säens, Hugues, Chaminade, Hüe, Koechlin, Ravel, Caplet

Artist(s): Trio Opera Viwa


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FROM ALBUM NOTES by Paolo Somigli:
A voice, flute and piano trio is at the same time interesting and fascinating. Soprano and flute share in part the sound range and a melodic characterization. Obviously they differ in timbre and verbal component: soprano’s tune is usually based on a text whereas the flute’s one is based only on the notes. In this trio, soprano and flute don’t redouble, but they integrate and complement each other, whereas the piano accompanies, supports and enhances them and sometimes emerges as a soloist.
That’s clear in this album, which includes Italian, German and French compositions, new to the trio, composed between the early middle of the 1800s and the early middle of the 1900s.
The first author is Anton Bernhard Fürstenau, German composer and flutist, who was born in 1792 in Münster and died in 1852 in Dresden. His Liebesruf (Love Call) op. 141, of 1851, opens with a soprano calm melody on piano soft triplets, the flute’s “singing” comes after.  […] (Translation by Fabiana Binarelli)

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