The edition, launched originally in 2015 and edited by Roldolfo Alessandrini and Sara Bartolucci, is one of the first attempt to rediscover forgotten treasures and masterworks of the 4 hands piano repertory in scholarly-critical revisions and based on modern editorial principles with sources from manuscripts and first editions, in order to ensure a full musicological reliability of each publication. Each volume has an introduction, in either Italian and English, and aspires to offer a representative picture of piano 4 hands world of the 18th and 19th century with the fundamental innovation of the overlapping of first and second piano part that guarantees an easier reading of the music.

The choice of the particular pieces has been guided by a concern to identify the fundamental themes in the artistic development of piano 4 hands music and the historical circumstances lying behind manifestations of its spread; the edition constitutes a highly representative sample of the musicological research and comprises urtext and critical edition of composers like Bruch, Chopin, Czerny, Cramer, Dussek, Kalkbrenner, Moscheles, Pleyel, Ponchielli, Rubinstein, Ries, Soliva, Urspruch and many others.

The two major critical volumes are:

  • Ignaz Pleyel: Complete Sonatas for Piano 4 Hands, 2 Voll.
  • Arthur Rubinstein: Complete Piano 4 Hands Works, 2 Voll.

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