Cara, Francesco: Texture, Flute and Chamber Orchestra


  • Composer(s): Francesco Cara
  • Edition: Da Vinci Edition
  • Format: A4 - Paperback
  • Genre: Soloist and Orchestra
  • Instrumentation: Flute, Orchestra
  • Pages: 32
  • Period: Contemporary
  • ISMN: 9790216202886
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Francesco Cara, born in Rome in 1976, has soon shown an innate musicality playing songs on his keyboard, only just heard, without any music scores. Thanks to the M° Carmela Pistillo leading, he has obtained the Diploma in Piano (1999). At the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia in Rome, led by M° R. Tega and M° F. Telli, he has been gratuated in Instrumentation for Banda (2004) and in Composition (2006) with full marks, getting also the “Via Vittoria” award, recognition for the best graduated. In 2010 he has obtained Master Degree in Musical Disciplines – Composition (2010) with honours. He has followed important post-graduated courses in Composition led by M° Azio Corghi at the Chigiana Academy of Siena and at the Royal Philharmonic Academy of Bologna, attending also to the masterclasses led by M° Luis De Pablo, Beat Furrer and Nicola Piovani.

Alongside his musical studies, he has been interested in studying Literature, Philosophy and History of Music and Theater. In 2005 he has obtained the Master Degree in Literature at the Rome University La Sapienza.

During the above period, Francesco has been both music teacher and musical advisor. Since 2001, he has been teaching music and piano and time to time he has been also a music consultant for some RAI productions. He’s teacher at secondary school.

His musical interest has followed two main ways: the first one, the contemporary classical music and the second one, the music applied to images. The Francesco compositions have been performed in some of the most important art institutions such as the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia, Teatro Quirino, Piazza del Campidoglio, Casa del Cinema in Rome, Chigiana Academy in Siena, the Peri Institute in Reggio Emilia. Regarding to the music applied to images, in 2013 Francesco Cara has composed the soundtrack of “The Art of Cinematography”, a feature film by Daniele Nannuzzi, President of the Italian Association of Cinematographers (AIC). This film has been realized to complete the homonimous book written by Vittorio Storaro, the famous Italian Cinematographer, winner of three Oscars, to celebrate, through the images of more than 150 movies, the work of the greatest masters of world cinema from its origins to our days. In 2013 the work, published by Skira, has been presented in the Campidoglio of Rome in presence of all the City of Rome authorities and then in numerous Film Festivals in Europe and the United States. The latest composition is the soundtrack of “Italian Cinematographers’ Style”: the movie, produced and promoted by Daniele Nannuzzi, has been presented during the 15th AFC Micro Salon at the Salle Jean Renoir, The Femis Paris and at the Sala Fellini’s Cinecittà in Rome. In 2016 he won the “AIC award” for this soundtrack.