Though we release recordings in many different genres of music, certain ones are simply not appropriate for us, such as rock, hip-hop or new age. If you are uncertain, please look at some releases shown on our site to see if the type of music you wish to propose fits our profile.

Proposals for making recordings or publications are accepted from any source. Proposals are logged in and will generally be reviewed in the order in which they arrive. The review process goes on continuously but sometimes could take more time. If you need a quick answer, please write in the email.

A proposal should include:

  • General description of the project.
  • Name of the composer(s) and work(s) to be recorded.
  • An MP3 of the music being proposed (if available) or the score(s) wish to publish with us.
  • Any budget information that is available.

Below you can check the Italian and English versions of the contracts for scores, books, and recordings. The score contract is not changeable, the CDs and books contracts, due to their nature could be changed and perfectioned under certain conditions.

Inquiries should be written at this link.