Sorrentino, Vincenzo: Works Vol.1, Wind Chamber Music


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  • Period: Contemporary
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FROM ALBUM NOTES by Carla Sorrentino:

Entirely entrusted to the artistic care of Monica Finco, who followed the instructions provided in the original scores given by Sorrentino, the collection includes pieces, such as the unfinished “Mary Jo”, for flute ensembles, flute and other instruments, piccolo and other instruments composed in the last period of the composer’s life for the same Finco and Nicola Mazzanti.
The piece “MoNìco”, for flute, piccolo and piano (the composer’s instrument), is dedicated to them, singular dedicators of arrangements written for their own instrument, and is a vibrant celebration of a friendship strengthened by the common love for music and a strong empathy.

Lively and versatile, horns turn out to be the most suitable instruments giving voice to the emotions and the instinctive and deep sensitivity of the author that arrive with immediacy and spontaneity to the listener, after the authorial intellectual filter, translating them into music, poured them on a well written and structured sheet. Here, the compositional speed, which sometimes leaves a trace in titles like “In Tempo” and “Just a week”, is a sign of accomplished creativity and uniform inspiration without any further rewritings or second thoughts. […]


Vincenzo Sorrentino was born on 21 September 1973 in Nola. His musical education, enriched with humanities unfortunately unfinished, took place at the Music Conservatory “Domenico Cimarosa” of Avellino where , in 1996, he graduated in Piano and in 2002 in Composition. In 2007 he completed his Diploma in Composition with a Master Degree and in 2011 with a Diploma in Electronic Music.
The detailed study of Composition, considered as more challenging and congenial to his sensitivity, had a special place in his artistic career. Thanks to assiduous readings, researching, critical listening and experimental courses, where tradition met new technologies and together longed for innovative elements, Sorrentino created an artistic production certainly open to overseas music echoes.
The success obtained as composer through his participation in national and international competitions did not get him that notoriety achieved, instead, by networking his pieces and as a result of the rewarding and fruitful collaboration with musicians who let focus his production, essentially chamber music, on three crucial instruments: harp, guitar and flute.
Sorrentino devoted most of his artistic production to the flute to which, since 2012, the Music National Convention of the United States of America (NFA Convention) reserves a special place in the annual program.


Vecchiato, Andrea (Flutist) started to study flute at the age of 10 to the “Benedetto Marcello” Conservatory in Venice, under the guide of the teacher Monica Finco, and in march of 2015 he got his bachelor with the vote 10/10 cum laude. In november 2015 he got a concert as a soloist with the Orchestra of “Teatro la Fenice” in the venetian theatre “Carlo Goldoni”. In the same year he played for the innauguration of a Music Festival dedicated to E.Varèse, to “Fondazione Vedova”, in Venice. He has partecipated to a lots of first world executions of works by Marino Baratello, Giovanni Mancuso, Luca Mosca, and he has collaborated with the composers Salvatore Sciarrino and Ivan Fedele for “Biennale College” in Venice. He collaborated with some prestigious artistic institutions as Biennale di Venezia, Teatro Malibran, Teatro Goldoni, Fondazione Levi, Scola Grande di San Rocco and others, and he has played in some Concert Hall as Auditorim Pollini in Padova, Sale Apollinee of the Teatro la Fenice, Teatro Dario Fo in Campongara, Teatro Comunale in Treviso, Teatro Comunale in Mirano and others.
Now he is doing a post-graduating course under the guide of Davide Formisano.

Bocchese, Elisabetta (Pianist), She graduated with honors at the Conservatory of Venice and continued her studies in Vienna. Pianist in several chamber ensembles, conservatories and master classes, among her teachers are Sergio Fiorentino, Piernarciso Masi, Dario De Rosa, Christa Bützberger and Marina Rossi.

Fabio Pupillo graduated with M.Finco. He studied with: G. Bernabò, E. Caroli, P. Wavre, R. Guoit, K. Klemm. He collaborated with some of the most important Orchestra in Italy. Recently he had collaborated, as principal flute, with Orchestra Arena di Verona and Philarmonic Orchestra in Turin. For two years he was the first flute of Young Italian Sinfonietta. He collaborated with Pomeriggi Musicali in Milan, the Chamber Orchestra in Padua and Veneto Region, Filarmonia Veneta in Treviso, etc. He was awarded in some competitions. In 2003 he went in Japan. He founded the Ensemble Musagète. He performed with G. Guglielmo, S. Tchakerian, M. Brunello, T. Campagnaro, B. Canino, S. Schilli. He graduated at University in Venice. He has flute teacher at musical high school in Verona. He realizes many Masterclass in Academies and Conservatories in Italy. He’s General Manager at DILS International Flute School. Often he’s member in the jury of national concours.

Mascheretti, Giuseppina (Flutist), She graduated at 17 at the Conservatory “G. Verdi” of Milan and improved with P.L. Graf, G.Cambursano and S.Gazzelloni. She worked as a soloist and first flute, among others, with RAI’s Angelicum Orchestra and Pomeriggi Musicali Orchestra in Milan.

Lotter, Maddalena (Flutist), born in Venice in 1990, graduated with top marks and highest honor from the Conservatory “Benedetto Marcello” in Venice with Monica Finco, graduated in Literature from Ca’ Foscari University, has collaborated with important institutions as La Fenice Theatre, Biennale Musica, Fondazione Vedova, Società Veneziana dei Concerti and others.
She attended the annual specialization course in piccolo studying with Nicola Mazzanti, in Florence (Italy). She also attended masterclasses with renowned flutists as Mario Caroli, Davide Formisano, Giampaolo Pretto and Paolo Taballione.
She has performed premieres of the composers Luca Mosca and Giovanni Mancuso, with whom has recently founded an ensemble specialized in contemporary music and progressive rock.
She is particularly interested in chamber music: she is the founder of the woodwind quintet “Quintetto Pisani” werewith she play by 2012 and she currently plays as principal flute, with Andrea Vecchiato, in the chamber orchestra “Venice Chamber Orchestra”.

Marco Nicolé: After graduating with honors cum laude under the supervision of A.Amato, he perfected with R.Chiesa. He performs as a soloist, chamber music and orchestra; his recordings have met excellent reviews and have been attached to national magazines (Fronimo, Amadeus).

Monica Finco (Flutist): Born in Venice, Italy, began her studies in flute at the Benedetto Marcello Conservatory in Venice with Pasquale Rispoli at the age of ten and continued with Guido Novello. After graduating from the conservatory, she completed her studies with R. Greiss (Germany) and A. Marion (France). In 1981 she met the great Swiss flutist and teacher Conrad Klemm, who remained her guide in technique and style for many years. Gifted with a precocious talent for interpretation, she began her concert career as early as 17, and since then has performed as a soloist and in various types of chamber ensembles, with a repertoire which ranges from the baroque to the modern period. She has performed in numerous concerts at prestigious musical institutions such as Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome, the Alessandro Scarlatti Society in Naples, Teatro La Fenice in Venice, Teatro Verdi in Trieste, and in festivals such as: Settembre Musica in Turin, Festival dei Due Mondi in Spoleto, concerts at the Auditorium Giuseppe Verdi in Milan, the Biennale in Venice, and many others. She has also appeared on special radio broadcasts on RAI Venice, Trieste, Milan, Rome and Turin. In France she has performed in Bordeaux, Brittany and Normandy, and was a guest at the Festival of Lille. In Austria she has performed at the Salzburg Festival and in Germany at the Guldener Autumn Festival of Early Music in Thuringen. She has played in the Teatro La Fenice Orchestra in Venice, the Filarmonia Regionale Veneta and the Sanremo Sinfonica. Numerous interviews broadcast on radio, TV, in music magazines and national newspapers. In 2015, 2016 and 2017 she was artistic director of the music Festival dei Colli in San Gemini, Italy. Monica Finco is Briccialdi Flauti Italia artist and italian friend and artist LefreQue sound-bridge. She cooperates with Sinfonica Edition for pedagogic projects.

Mazzanti, Nicola (Flutist) Nicola Mazzanti currently serves as Solo Piccolo of the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino orchestra, a position he has held since 1988. Many composers have written pieces for him, for piccolo and piano or orchestral concerts. His name is associated with many premières. As a soloist, he has performed with orchestras such as “I Pomeriggi Musicali” of Milan, the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra, the Florence Symphony Orchestra and Akronos of Prato.

Mr. Mazzanti performs frequently as both a flute and piccolo soloist and in chamber ensembles in Italy and abroad. In his role of advocate for the piccolo as a solo voice, he has performed at the 2003 Vienna Flute Festival, the 2005 National Flute Association Convention in San Diego, California, the 2009 in New York, the 2013 in New Orleans, the 2006 International Convention of the British Flute Society, the first International Piccolo Symposium in Omaha, Nebraska (USA) in 2007, the 2009 Serbian Flute Festival in Belgrade, in the 2011 and 2012 Iowa Piccolo Intensive, in the 2011 First European Piccolo Festival in Slovenia, and in several Italian Flute Conventions. In 2011 and 2012 he toured in USA (California, Michigan and Iowa) teaching and playing recitals Sir James Galway invited him to perform at his masterclass in Weggis (Switzerland) every year since 2008.

Since 2001, he has held annual piccolo courses at the “MusicArea” association in Florence and at the Italian Flute Academy in Rome. Since 2009 he teach piccolo at the Hochshule in Luzern, since 2011 at the Conservatorio della Svizzera Italiana in Lugano (Switzerland) and since 2013 at the Conservatorio “Verdi” in Milano. He is frequently invited to give masterclassses for flute associations and music schools in Italy and abroad. He has released three solo CD’s. His web site is a regular destination for dedicated piccolo players. His book “The Mazzanti Method” for piccolo, published in 2014 by Theodore Presser, has been welcomed as a milestone in the teaching of this instrument.

Mr. Mazzanti is a 1982 graduate of the “Luigi Cherubini” Conservatory of Florence, where he studied with Sergio Giambi. He later took lessons or participated in masterclasses given by James Galway, Aurèle Nicolet, Raymond Guiot, Emmanuel Pahud and Mario Ancillotti. In 1986, he earned an additional degree in Music History With Honors from D.A.M.S. (University of Arts and Music).

Roberto Scarpa Meylougan (Pianist) Composer and harpsichord musician, he graduated -organ, composition and pre-liturgical, liturgical singing- with highest marks from Conservatory “Benedetto Marcello” in Venice. He studied with M° Sergio de Pieri and W. van de Pol. He perfected studying in France with Jaen Guillou, Michel Chapuis, Jaen Patrisse Brosse and Gaston Litaize (harpsichord). His virtuoso technique on the pedalboard was particularly appreciated by Olivier Messiaen and Karl Richter. He has been playing an intense concert activity throughout Europe since 1978 and collaborated with many important international orchestras and artists such as Claudio Abbado, Daniela Dessì, Viekoslav Sutej, Sir Roger Norringthon. Aside from the Classical repertoire, Roberto Scarpa Meylougan arranges and composes pop and folk music as well: Francesco Renga, Andrea Braido, Marco Ponchiroli, Antonio Maiello just to mention a few.
After attending various training experiences, he started his sound engineer, microphonist, recording director, audio editor activity. He has more than 150 albums on the record as a sound and recording engineer distributed all over the world by label such as Deutsche Grammophon, Universal, Philips, Decca etc. In 2006 he recorded Children. The solo album is part of his personal project for the revaluation and rediscovery of the organ as means of aggregation, of fun and to spread forgotten music, unusual and new repertoires. In 2009 he was invited to play at the Methuen Memorial Music Hall in Boston (U.S.A.). In the same year he was on the Sanremo stage, performing with Daniela Dessì and Francesco Renga.
He attended several internships on organ art held by Piccinelli, Formentelli and F.lli Ruffatti whom he worked with on restoration and construction projects of various organs in Veneto.
Since 2013 he has been working on the UNESCO project financed by various Hungarian authorities on organ sampling of the most prestigious instruments in Italy. The aim of the project is to create a multimedia sound library. He has recently started a tour with a virtual organ to promote the project.
On October 31st, 2014 ha debuted in a concert in Schio (VI) with the piano with Double Borgato pedalboard.
His teaching career is intense: organ, organ composition, audio, video editing e recording techniques and technologies, electroacoustic are only a few of his activities.

Tasca, Saverio (Marimba)born in Bassano del Grappa, Italy, on August 23rd 1963, studied percussion in Vicenza, under the guide of Guido Facchin and in Amsterdam at the Sweelinck Conservatorium with Jan Pustjiens, Peter Prommel and Jeroen Goldstein.

Afterwards, he continued his studies with David Friedman and Dave Samuels. He is currently Instructor of Percussion at the Conservatory of Vicenza. In 1998 he was assistant in a David Friedman course and since 2001 he is vibraphone and marimba teacher, together with Dave Samuels, in the “Summer Jazz Workshop in Italy”.

He played with Dave Samuels, David Friedman, Emmanuel Séjourné, Kuniko Kato, Filippo Lattanzi, Bogdan Bacanu,Peter Erskine, Glenn Ferris, Harold Danko, Claudio Roditi, Tony Scott and many of the most famous musicians in the world. He plays in several groups and ensembles, in classical, jazz and conteporary music, in Europe and in South African tours.

He plays classical, jazz and conteporary music in Europe and in South African tours. As a composer he has written “four solo pieces for vibraphone” and “concerto for vibraphone and string orchestra”, pubblished in the USA.

In July 2004 he was awarded 3rd prize in the PAS (Percussion Arts Society – USA) Vibraphone Composition Contest, for his work “Marker Day”. In 2009 “Aha Oho”, another piece of his, was third prized awarded in the International Marimba Composition Competition (Universal Marimba Competition – Belgium).

In 2009 he played in Adams International Percussion Group, for which he wrote a piece for 6 percussionists, “Olivi Erosi”.

Sandri, Simone (Flutist) graduated from the Venice Conservatory Benedetto Marcello where he still continues his studies focusing on chamber music. He presented and performed some of his own arrangements for flutes ensemble, at the Archeological Museum of Venice and the Theatre Dario Fo in Camponogara. He also collaborated with Biennale for some events and concerts, and took part at the premiere of Il gioco del vento e della luna, opera written by composer Luca Mosca.

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