Claudio Monteverdi: Madrigals of Love and Abandonment


Composer(s): Claudio Monteverdi

Artist(s):  Consort Vocale Diapente | Lucio Ivaldi, Conductor

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  • Format: 1 Cd
  • Genre: Vocal
  • Instrumentation: Choir
  • Period: Baroque
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FROM ALBUM NOTES by Lucio Ivaldi:

A quick look at Claudio Monteverdi, who lived between ‘500 and ‘600 serving the Gonzagas in Mantua and then Master of the Chapel of San Marco in Venice. In the last years of the sixteenth century, he theorised a style called “seconda prattica”, as opposed to “prima prattica”, represented by the liturgical music style and by the secular music–especially that of the first half of the century–based on formal rules and forms related to the content of the text.
Seconda prattica can be set in the context of a dispute between “the ancient” and “the modern”, which was taking place in those ardent years especially in Florence that wanted to revive the Declamation of the ancient Greek theatre in a modern affections theory with the aim of harmonizing music and text. In fact, starting from these premises, the century saw the vertiginous development of musical theatre. […]


Claudio Monteverdi: (b Cremona, 15 May 1567; d Venice, 29 Nov 1643). Italian composer. The most important musician in late 16th- and early 17th-century Italy, he excelled in nearly all the major genres of the period. His nine books of madrigals consolidated the achievement of the late Renaissance masters and cultivated new aesthetic and stylistic paradigms for the musical Baroque. In his operas for Mantua and Venice he took the experiments of the Florentines and developed powerful ways of expressing and structuring musical drama. His three major collections of liturgical and devotional music transcend the merely functional, exploiting a rich panoply of text-expressive and contrapuntal-structural techniques. Although he composed little or no independent instrumental music, his writing for instruments was genuinely innovative. Schrade’s famous assessment (1950) of Monteverdi as ‘creator of modern music’ may be exaggerated, but his significant place in music history is assured


Ivaldi, Lucio (Conductor), born in Rome (1965) has published a number of vocal and instrumental compositions , as well as several papers on the subject of musicology. In Rome he has founded and directed various groups among which the “Coro Polifonico Diego Carpitella”, the “Coro Symphonia”, the “Gruppo Vocale Symphonia”, the “Orchestra Diapente”, and the “Consort Vocale “Diapente”. He has collaborated with the “Centro di Pratica Musicale”, the “Ensemble Vocale Thesaurus” and the “Centro Italiano di Musica Antica”. He has organized reviews and participated in more than one hundred concerts and competitions in Italy and abroad. He has also produced five monographic CDs on Vivaldi on behalf of the Discoteca di Stato – Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali. He has been choral conductor for the discographic encyclopedia “KZ Musik” (Music composed in concentration camps 1933-1945).
He was resident composer at the “Mythic Imagination Institute” in Atlanta, USA. His work “The Birth of Color” was performed in the contemporary music season “Café Budapest 2016″ with three replicas and great public and critics success. He is artistic director of the “Associazione Pittura Musicale”. He is a Teacher in the academic courses of Chorus Direction and Ancient Music in the “Conservatorio Licinio Refice” of Frosinone.

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