Stefano Corradi: Don Quixote, Il Cavaliere dalla Triste Figura


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  • Instrumentation: Double-Bass, Drums, Harp, Sax
  • Period: Contemporary
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Don Quixote was my childhood hero. (Of that character), I loved his folly, determination, sense of justice, loyalty and being immune to everyone else’s opinion, free to be himself, free to be insane (forse eccentric in inglese descrive meglio il personaggio oppure “insanely eccentric”).
Once I reached adulthood, per the calendar at least, I could not resist the temptation of dedicating him a musical play. This creation had to be free in all aspects and outside all expected structures, the same way the character to which it is dedicated is also free.
I looked for a sound that is not conventional, and which could fully convey the same sensations that the book gave me. It’s a program music not a descriptive one. It does not recount the book, but rather what emotions some parts of the book inspired in me.
The sound of the harp, classic and ethereal, melts with the wind instruments, balancing on the edge between tradition and modernity, adding to the power of the drums with the contrabassoon.
The musical genre is itself free from restraints where classical sounds are added to those of jazz, with composed pieces alternating with collective improvisation to create a soundtrack that convey the emotions (of the book).


Stefano Corradi: Born in Milan in 1964, Stefano Corradi studies clarinet at Scuola Civica di Milano with M° P. Borali. He graduates from the Conservatory of Piacenza and also gets the Diploma Accademico Internazionale di Alto Perfezionamento at Accademia “Lorenzo Perosi” in Biella with M° A. Pay.
He attends the Akademie der Stadt of Basel improving his knowledge on historic instruments and studying classical and pre-classical techniques with M° P.A. Taillard.
First place winner in several classical music contests in Italy (Città di Stresa) and abroad.
He performs as soloist in classical and chamber orchestras, in folk and klezmer music ensembles, in jazz bands etc. playing modern and historic instruments.
He is first clarinetist in the Orchestra Nuova Cameristica di Milano. He performs as soloist in international festivals of ancient music.
Collaborations as performer, arranger and composer:
-from 2000 to 2006: he collaborates with the Moni Ovadia’s StageOrchestra, taking part in important productions such as Il violinista sul tetto, L’armata a cavallo, Es Iz Amerike, Kavanàh, performing in all the most important Italian theatres.
-from 2003 to 2012: he is co-founder and performer in the multiethnic ensemble of the Orchestra di Via Padova.
-In 2012 he publishes the album “Milano, ritagli di tempo”, a project in quartet entirely based on his original compositions.
-In 2013 he presents the première of the opera for children “Pierino e il Bruco” at Sala Verdi of Conservatory of Milan, as author and orchestra conductor, with Claudio Bisio as narrator.
Among the many different groups and projects developed by Stefano Corradi, his most active bands are the following:
MyOwnGrooveProj (Stefano Corradi performs as soloist with live-electronics. The musics range from oniric to urban, perfect to be associated to images. The concerts are often live additions of soundtracks to short feature firms or historic films).
Wind&Harp (duo by Stefano Corradi and harp player Dora Scapolatempore, plus electronics).
The klezmer trio XILO Ensemble (with Giampiero Marazza – accordion and Luca Garlaschelli – double bass) with whom Stefano Corradi recently recorded the album of original klezmer compositions A Paris (published by Tranquillo Srl).
Sfere-v (multi-disciplinary groupf of free improvisation with Mell Morcone on piano, Silvia Alfei dance and Sarhtori painting).
Mitoki Trio (with Donat Munsila voice/guitar/percussions and Pegas Ekamba voice/percussions).
Last but not least his most recent project is the “Stefano Corradi Matheric Quartet” (with Tiziano Tononi drums/percussions, Dora Scapolatempore Harp, Luca Garlaschelli double bass). With this band Stefano Corradi published his most recent album released in 2016 entirely based on original compositions dedicated to Don Quixote.
Also, Stefano Corradi has been collaborating for many years with Stefano Barzan: they will be releasing a new album very soon, a project where wind instruments mix with electronics, with Stefano Barzan’s arrangements.
In 2015 Stefano Corradi ha salso been performing in collaboration with the Milanese poet Vincenzo Costantino Cinaski.
In addition to live performances and studio recordings, Stefano Corradi also devotes himself to education, events and business development courses where music is used as an instrument and as a metaphor of the organizational structures and team work.


STEFANO CORRADI: A clarinet diploma from the music conservatory (1988), saxophonist, composer, teacher. With a classic background, he has a neverending passion for a music without frontiers, beginning with jazz to world music and electronic. He has worked for many years in theatre with Mony Ovadia and he is one of the founders of the Via Padova Orchesra, an important Italian multi ethnic orchestra. He has composed music for theatre and he also performs as a solo-artist and in live electronic concerts. He is as well a teacher in school, with activities addressed to children, and carries out motivation and team-building training in business companies. His music play “Pierino e il Bruco” was performed In 2013 at the Verdi Hall at the Conservatory of Milan with orchestra, Giovanni Falzone, Tino Tracanna, Bebo Ferra e Claudio Bisio as voice-over.

TIZIANO TONONI (1956): He starts playing drums as a self-taught person. In 1978 he meets the American percussionist Andrew Cyrille and he starts studying with him both in New York and in Europe.
In 1981 he goes back to New York to study with Bob Moses and in the same year he is the founder of the group Nexus together with the saxophonist Daniele Cavallanti. He is the founder of the Italian Instabile Orchestra, with which he performed in the major international festivals. He has played and recorded with Tiziana Ghiglioni, Gianluigi Trovesi, Giancarlo Schiaffini, Enrico Rava, Pierre Favre, David Friedman, Dave Liebman, Oliver Johnson, Maggie Nicols, Barre Phillips, Mark Dresser, Steve Lacy, Dewey Redman, Tny Scott, William Parker, Cecil Taylor, Glenn Ferris.

LUCA GARLASCHELLI: Double bass player. He developed his experience as a jazz music player at the “Seminari Senesi di Jazz” which he attended from 1982 to 1984 together with Tommaso Lama, Riccardo Zegna, G. Carlo Schiaffini, Bruno Tommaso. He has worked with musicians such as Harold Land, Bruce Forman, Jimmy Cobb, Franco D’Andrea, Giulio Capiozzo, Tullio De Piscopo, Piero Bassini, Paolo Fresu, Tiziana Ghiglioni, Enrico Rava, Gaetano Liguori, Franco Cerri, Enrico Intra, Ettore Fioravanti, Antonello Salis, G. Luigi Trovesi and many others. Since 1999 he has been working with Moni Ovadia. In July 1999 he gets a diploma of High Evolution in Jazz Music at the A. Boito music conservatory of Parma. He is a teacher at the music conservatory of Cosenza.

DORA SCAPOLATEMPORE (1987): Classic and celtic harp player. She got a diploma with maximum score cum laude at the G. Verdi mucis conservatory of Milan with Master Lisetta Rossi as a mentor. She co-operatedas a solo-artist with the music conservatory of Milan and she performed in many festivals with a great number of Italian orchestras. She won a scholarship to attend POP music training at the CET (Centro Europeo Toscolano), Music University directed by Mogol. The composer Younghi Pagh-Paan dedicated her piece “Silbersaiten V” to them. Together with the classical activity, she studied jazz attending training courses at Nuoro Jass. She alternates her concert activity between classical music, jazz, pop and folk.

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