Beyond Borders [Oltre Confine]


  • Artist(s): Davide Fasulo, Marco Ferrari
  • EAN Code: 7.46160521572
  • Edition: Da Vinci Classics
  • Format: 1 Cd
  • Genre: Instrumental
  • Instrumentation: Accordion, Cello, Flute, Guitar, Violin
  • Period: Contemporary
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Inspired by the fascination of orally-transmitted musical works, we seek and find the matter suited to our intentions in those pieces whose taste and destination are closest to us, be it amid the lines of the musical staves on which a famous nineteenth-century Russian piece is written, amid the notes of a Greek dance or of a fourteenth-century Italian ballad. We seek there those moments of emotion which music alone can transmit, and which demonstrate the invisible weave on which an essential component of our culture is drawn. We all can see our own reflections mirrored in the music of the past, exactly as in the music of another country. It seems precious little, but it is in fact a mind-boggling concept: music can sing and speak, but it does not tell; it strikes us deeply though we cannot know what it is about. Digital and electronic technology have added new possibilities and enlarged the boundaries of the aural universe surrounding us, which becomes increasingly complex. When we employ the clear and unpretentious languages of anonymous tunes, which have survived the close examination of many generations of musicians and listeners alike, we can hazard to transform them without betraying their emotional content. If we want to imagine the sound of a lost musical heritage, such as that of the ancient European tradition, the most plausible hypothesis we have is to adopt and understand the aesthetics of orally-transmitted modal music. The reasons for this approach are manifold – anthropological, historical and aesthetical; however, it is not important to discuss this at length. Rather, we decided to make the journey in the opposite direction, with the aim to confirm, at least, that this path is accessible. We have interpreted works taken from the living oral tradition as if they were pieces of an early musical language whose knowledge is lost forever. In order to do this, we have made use of the most recent technology, shuffling the cards so that the listener could enjoy it. It is not a shallow game, but a serious task, undertaken with respect.


Davide Fasulo, multi-instrumentalist and arranger. He has worked as a composer with several theatre companies and directors, including Oscar De Summa, Opificio d’Arte Scenica, Teatrino Giullare, Teatro Sotterraneo, Teatro dei Gatti, Ivano Marescotti, Accademia della Follia, Leggere Strutture, Instabili Vaganti. He has collaborated as a musician with relevant artists like Ares Tavolazzi, Pasquale Mirra, Vinicio Capossela, Massimo Manzi, Piero Odorici, Linley Hamilton, David Lyttle, Francesco Guerri, Daniele Di Gregorio, Mirko Guerrini, Marco Tamburini, Christophe Rocher and many others. Among the most recent activities, it is worth mentioning the participation in the TV show "Facciamo che io ero" (RAI 2), in which he played with Mika, Giorgia, Malika Ayane and Fiorella Mannoia.

Marco Ferrari, multi-instrumentalist, clarinetist and flutist, has taught improvisation since 2004, at the HEMGE Haute Ecole de Musique de Genève; for 40 years he has been involved in an intense concert activity in the field of ancient and ethnic music. From 1980 he began his international concert activity with the Ensemble Alia Musica of Milan; since 1985 he has been regularly invited by the most important European music festivals of Northern Europe, Holland, Belgium, France, Germany and England; as an instrumentalist specialized in ethnic and ancient music, he took part in the creation of POP music CDs with Italian artists such as Lucio Dalla, Mia Martini, Aleandro Baldi, Angelo Branduardi; in the same period he collaborated with several groups of Middle Eastern music, coming from Egypt, Greece and Lebanon, as a nay player; in 1989 he founded and directs the ancient music group Sine Nomine-Acantus, with whom he made several tours in the most important European festivals; in 2003 he founded Salon de Musiques, an ensemble at the crossroads of different musical genres; he has toured throughout the United States and South America, playing in New York, Los Angeles (Getty Museum), San Francisco, Chicago, Washington (National Gallery), Seattle, Saint Louis and many other major cities; published in September 2018 in the form of Suites for the String Quartet for the Ut Orpheus publishing house, a series of seven booklets on traditional urban music in central Europe.

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