Esperanto: Voices


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    In music, voices are the notes that form a chord and define a harmony.

    The voice is the most ancient musical instrument of all, the one we all possess and which allows us to express and understand ourselves.

    Our first album was conceived and composed to be played almost entirely as a trio, with just three instruments; it represents the matrix and primary origins of our music.

    In this second album, however, we have elaborated our sound and arrangements, expanding our trio, and creating different ensembles on every track.

    Thanks to the presence of other very talented artists – singers and instrumentalists – who joined our project – we have been able to enrich our ideas and expand our musical colour palette.



    Luca Falomi is trained in classical music and has a vivid, incisive and silvery touch in his right hand and meandering deftness in his left hand. Still every song he has composed clearly shows it is heartfelt and comes from a place that is nobody’s and everybody’s land at the same time, a place where every music culture has thrived and brought fragrant contributions to jazz. The keystones supporting the framework of sound have been the same for the last five hundred years nearly all over the world, the tangle of notes that we might define Afro-Mediterranean and the ones which, arising from there, later simply and naturally became Caribbean Afro-American and Latin-American notes. Jelly Roll Morton said one century ago that the essential ingredients of jazz are creativity, surprise and an expert sprinkling of “latin tinge”.

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