274 Alias, Amor274 Alias, Amor

Elvira Muratore: Alias, Amor, Five Chapters for Viola d’Amore


  • Artist(s): Valerio Losito
  • Composer(s): Elvira Muratore
  • EAN Code: 7.46160911045
  • Edition: Da Vinci Classics
  • Genre: Instrumental
  • Format: 1 Cd
  • Instrumentation: Viola d'amore
  • Period: Contemporary
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ALIAS is a unique contemporary artistic project designed around what it’s considered one of the most fascinating Baroque instruments: the viola d’amore. ALIAS is music with the notes by composer Elvira Muratore, conveyed to the hands of Valerio Losito, tailored to suit the warm sound of the 1775 Ferdinando Gagliano’s viola d’amore, property of the Elsa Peretti Foundation. ALIAS is also image pictured in artistic photography by Federica Cocciro. Music and image together play, because ALIAS is what we choose to keep untold to protect it from misunderstanding and strumentalization, even when its presence is obvious and irrefutable. That which must be kept untold, has already been suggested within the name of the starring instrument. Viola d’amore suggest the love that will be displayed in 5 chapters, and 5 different nuances, displayed in five texts from international literature and poetry. ALIAS is a bridge that connects the earthly with the divine, and the past with our present, or rather, contemporary!


Valerio Losito: Baroque violinist and viola d’amore player, pupil of Yvonne Ekman and Enrico Onofri, performs in concerts throughout Europe, America and Japan, both as soloist and as a chamber musician. He has collaborated with major conductors and early music specialists. Since 2006 he plays a Ferdinando Gagliano viola d’amore. Valerio is considered one of the best viola d’amore soloist worldwide of his generation.


Elvira Muratore: Elvira’s works come from the idea of music as experience: nothing to be understood, but simply an experience to be lived. Due to a period of studies in Mathematics, she became extremely fascinated by the idea of Zero or Void, and in particular by the differences and the similarities that can be found in different cultures, and she uses it to build her own musical philosophy.

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