Andrea Ruggeri: Musiche Invisibili


  • Artist(s): ARE- Andrea Ruggeri Ensemble
  • Composer(s): ANDREA RUGGERI
  • EAN Code: 7.46160915074
  • Edition: Da Vinci Jazz
  • Format: 1 Cd
  • Genre: Orchestral
  • Period: Contemporary
  • Publication year: 2022
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Inspired by Italo Calvino’s Le città invisibili (Invisible Cities), this project wishes to pay homage to one of the most important Italian authors and intellectuals, on the fiftieth anniversary of the novel’s publication. This is a translation into music, rather than a mere illustrative description, of the suggestions evoked when reading the novel.

Calvino’s literary, civil and political engagement provides solutions for todays’ themes. It subtracts its readers from a quest for immediate gratifications, in favour of a progressive evolution toward the termination of individual and societal contradictions.

In its contents, Musiche invisibili draws from several languages which formed and still form Andrea Ruggeri’s background of practices and listening. They find a balance between forms and substances (jazz, rock, popular music, cultivated composition, free improvisation), in a music of our times and of the times which will come. Their synthesis flows into seven pieces, each titled after one of the novel’s Cities. The lyrics are the fruit of alphabetical elaborations (logogryphs) of some parts of the novel.


He began playing the drums at the age of 11 under the guidance of Sandro Bandinu. He develops mainly as a self-taught musician, taking parts in seminars and master classes (Conservatory of Cagliari Jazz Department, Nuoro Jazz, Siena Jazz University, with Ettore Fioravanti, Francesco Sotgiu, Butch Morris, Airto Moreira, Gianni Cazzola, Stefano Bollani, Riccardo Lai, Paolo Sanna, Bathie D'Agne, M'Bagnik Niang, Mike Quinn, Alfredo Golino, Walter Calloni, Maxx Furian, Max Govoni, Daniele Sabatani, Don Fomularo, Ellade Bandini).After taking his first steps with pop-rock and dance bands, he discovers popular music, jazz, free improvisation, theater music, collaborating and playing with various national and international groups and artists (music: Paolo Fresu, Antonello Salis , Furio Di Castri, Stefano Battaglia, Ralph Alessi, Ares Tavolazzi, Gabriele Mirabassi, Fausto Beccalossi, Simone Guiducci, Rosario Bonaccorso, Francesco Sotgiu, Peo Alfonsi, Rita Marcotulli, Gianluigi Trovesi, Luciano Biondini, Marco Castelli, Mauro Beggio, Alfonso Santimone, Edu Hebling, Maurizio Camardi, Àghera, Savina Yannatou, Yanis Alexxandris, Haris Hambrakis, Paolo Sanna, Salvatore Bonafede, Enzo Avitabile, Nando Cittarella, Andrea Parodi, Mario Brai, Bruno Lauzi, Gualtiero Bertelli, Erica Boschiero, Patrizia Laquidara, Armando Corsi, Antonio Placer, Luigi Lai, Mario Brai, Franca Masu, Marino De Rosas, Francesco Pilu, Janas, Concordu and su Rosaiu choir from Santulussurgiu, Concordu choir from Castelsardo, Concordu e Tenore de Orosei choir, Alessandro Catte, Etnika, Visions of Sardinia, Stéphane Casalta, Triace, Patrizia Laquidara; theater: Carla Tatò, Actores Alidos Company, Çaika Company, Palazzo d'Inverso Company, Daniela Castiglione, Sandro Buzzatti, Titino Carrara).The love for research led him to participate in the Permanent Music Research Laboratory at Siena Jazz from 2004 to 2010. Here, together with the coordinator Stefano Battaglia, Francesco Ganassin and Andrea Lamacchia, he founded the Ritual project with which in 2009 he published a CD with the same name. The same passion pushes him to explore rhythm, timbres and the melodic and harmonic potential of the drums, also “preparing” the instrument with waste materials and extra musical objects. From this approach he also devised an educational path, designing and holding workshops and teaching drums and ensemble music at various public and private facilities, retirement homes, hospitals.He regularly collaborates with Oscar del Barba, Giacomo Papetti, Achille Succi, Francesco Ganassin, Elia Casu, Elsa Martin, Entanglement Trio, Erica Bosciero, Elena Ledda, Mauro Palmas.Since 2014, he has been the leader of the ARE Andrea Ruggeri Ensemble which involves thirteen musicians from Sardinia, Calabria, Basilicata, Lombardy, Val D'Aosta, Veneto and Friuli. In 2017 he had his solo debut with the IDcard Andrea Ruggeri drumSolo performance.He has played within various projects and with many collaborators in various festivals throughout Italy,
France, Germany, Belgium, Greece, Spain, Austria, Romania, Norway, Russia, Morocco. He has recorded over thirty records.Since 2018, he has been collaborating with the University of Bergamo - Department of Law - in the creation of shows and conferences on the "Art and law" theme.Since 2008, he has been a member the Andrea Parodi Prize jury, the only prize in Europe dedicated to World Music.