Michele Pedrazzi, Tamara Soldan: From the darkness to the light


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    EXTEMPORE is a Berlin-based duo founded by Tamara Soldan and Michele Pedrazzi. The project “From the Darkness to the Light” is the result of a long research, its unique blend of ancient music, contemporary and improvisation seeks to bridge the gap between different musical genres, creating a virtual dialogue between the past and the present.

    The word “Extempore” combines various meanings, starting with the word as a nod to Latin as a universal language, to its allusion to ‘without time’-‘without rhythm’, typical of Gregorian chant – that is, music in the absence of rhythmic pulsation.

    The absence of a pulsating rhythm takes us to a different dimension, detached from materiality because detached from the measurability of time. Freed from matter, the observation of everything takes place from a deeper, more personal side. The passing of time is something that can be overcome because it is closely linked to individuality and at the same time to universality.

    “Extempore” also means moving away from the original millenary religious meaning of Gregorian chant, because it is too far away to understand it fully, while maintaining a universal mysticism without ideologies.

    “Extempore” then evokes the sense of improvisation, of the ‘out of the moment’ or ‘in the moment’ typical of extemporaneous composition without prior planning or preparation.
    It is also “Extempore” about seeking a transversal dialogue between distant worlds and sounds that are so different yet surprisingly compatible.

    Gregorian chant is one of EXTEMPORE’s main sources of inspiration, presented in an abstract light, divorced from its original religious context, while retaining its depth and universal flavour. This archaic Chant is re-imagined in a contemporary context through electronic textures. It becomes a new soundscape in dialogue between past and present, a continuous flow from darkness to light that invites us to explore the depths of human emotions and experiences.

    The darkness that surrounded the candlelights when Gregorian choristers sang in church in the early Middle Ages becomes the light of contemporary, neon city lights.

    EXTEMPORE’s music is not just an aesthetic experience, but a philosophical one as well. Through their music, they invite an exploration of the depths of consciousness and the universal themes of human experience. The duo’s creative collaboration is the heart of their musical style, inspiring new possibilities in music and bringing together different musical traditions.

    Listeners can expect to be transported to a world of sound that transcends the boundaries of time and space. EXTEMPORE’s music encourages you to delve into the depths of feelings and experiences, and to go on a personal journey ‘from the darkness to the light’.