Laviano, Rademakers: Dialogue


  • Artist(s): Alfredo Laviano, Mayke Rademakers
  • Composer(s): Alfredo Laviano, Mayke Rademakers
  • EAN Code: 7.46160916064
  • Edition: Da Vinci Jazz
  • Format: 1 Cd
  • Genre: Instrumental
  • Instrumentation: Cello, Percussion
  • Period: Contemporary
  • Publication year: 2023
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DIALOGUE aspires to be the meeting point of two seemingly disparate worlds: improvisation and classical music. In this ambitious project, I wanted to involve the exceptional cellist Mayke Rademakers, renowned for her captivating sound and, above all, her open-mindedness. The fundamental idea behind this collaboration is to create a space of absolute freedom and dialogue, where my percussion instruments and pots unite with the cello in an unbounded musical journey.
This unique fusion of instruments and musical styles allows us to explore new sonic horizons and transcend conventional boundaries. Without restrictions or predefined rules, we immerse ourselves in a stream of shared creativity, allowing the music to spontaneously emerge from the present moment. It is an experience of profound mutual listening, where the boundaries between improvisation and tradition dissolve, enabling us to express ourselves and communicate through the universal language of music.
The cello, with its warm and enveloping voice, blends harmoniously with the distinctive sounds of my percussion instruments and pots, forming an intricate tapestry of sound that surpasses convention. The result is an exhilarating and adventurous voyage, where we surrender to our ideas and the spontaneous reactions that unfold in the present moment.
Through DIALOGUE, we aim to challenge expectations and forge new musical paths, showcasing the harmonious coexistence of improvisation and classical music. This project invites us to discard labels and be captivated by the beauty of the unexpected. We are thrilled to share this musical odyssey with the audience, where emotions, ideas, and vibrations.merge into a singular and captivating symphony.